DIQ Webinar Series: A Science-Based Approach to Periodontal Therapy

Sam Low, DDS, discusses a variety of topics, including the oral-systemic link and COVID-19, aerosols, and the fact that he believes dentistry is more important today than ever before.

Dr. Low begins his discussion with Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz by reminding his peers of their importance. He believes that dentists do not promote their crucial role among their fellow health-care professionals often enough. Dental professionals practice with the oral-systemic link and overall health in mind, and this is especially true during the current pandemic.

Dr. Low discusses some of the oral complications related to COVID-19, as well as the hot topics of aerosols in the dental office and personal protective equipment. He believes that dental offices are and always have been some of the safest spaces for treatment. The profession has been well aware of proper infection control practices for many, many years.

He says that if dental professionals use proper PPE, use preprocedural rinses, and install a high evacuation system, they will remain safe during this pandemic and beyond.

He doesn’t stop there. View the video above to learn what else Dr. Low shares in his discussion.

Originally published in Dentistry IQ